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固定球阀: 锻钢固定球阀


The forging material can ensure sufficient rigidity and strength under maximum rated operation pressure  without inherent flaw of cast. Enough wall thickness of separate body and adaptation of high strength tie bolts are convenient for valve maintenance and sufficient to bear the stress of pipe.The internal parts of valve are carefully designed and selected to ensure  reliability under all kinds of work condition.

Design Features:

1.Fireproof Structure 

2.Anti-static Device

3.DBB(Double Block and Bleed)

4.Free Leakage

5.Low Torque

6.Emergency Sealing Device

7.Safety Relief Device

8.Blow-out Proof Stem

9.Various Driving Type

10.Extension stem


Body Material: A105,  304, 316, 304L, 316L

Nominal diameter: 2 inch-48 inch

Pressure range:Class 150-Class 2500

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